Tutorial: layering acrylic paint using salt

I’m going to be making circles with acrylic paint, applying salt for texture, and layering more circles. I’m making sure the paint is mixed with a lot of water so that the salt has something to soak up.

I like to draw the outline of the circle with paint, then use water to drag the paint towards the inside of the circle.

Once the salt is down, you can see it creating texture by sequestering paint where it falls.

Allow the circles to dry overnight before going for the next layer. The first thing to do is scrape all the salt off with your finger until you feel that the surface is smooth.

Once all the salt is off you can see the texture it has left behind on the paint.

I added three more circles in the next layer and let this dry overnight.

The next day, it was difficult to get the salt off with my finger, so I used the back of a toothbrush that had a tongue scraper on it.

Once all the salt was off I admired the texture it made.

I painted 4 more circles on top of what I had.

More circles – trying to cover up the white spaces. One more layer should do the trick.

And here’s the finished product. Cut to fit an 8″ x 10″ frame.

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And to see timelapse videos of my paintings, check out my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFzFbw9RGPQXKirfeaV0ETA


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