This is my second painting of a candelabra.  Last Christmas, I painted one that turned out really well.  I gave it to my boss as a Christmas present, and he keeps it in his office.  Unfortunately, I didn’t photograph that painting.  I thought it would be nice to do another candelabra.  The important part to me is making the flame appear to produce warmth and light, so that it pops from the painting as a real candelabra in the room.

First, I searched Google images for photographs of various candelabras to inspire me. I pick a short, golden one with a curved metal base as a reference image.  The details are really nice and the composition of the photograph is great.  I also think the it fits well with my style. Classic Low Candelabra.Size-11in Color-White, Vintage White, Rusted Brown, Gold,Silver, BlackThe next step is to choose the colors I want to use.


003I want to keep the gold color of the base, so I chose to use a variety of brows, including a gold glitter paint and a metalic antique copper.  Blue goes well with gold, so I chose a variety of blue colors to use in the background.  The candles themselves will be red, because I think they’ll pop nicely against the gold and blue.  The flame will need yellows and white to look super bright and warm.

Day 1


I  start by painting in the basic shapes against a blue background.  Gold base, clear  candle holders, red candles.  I  used torquoise in the background to capture the shadows on the ground.  

Day 2


I use black and white to paint the lightest and darkest parts of the picture, checking against the inspirational photograph on my laptop on the right.

Day 3


I paint the background pink for vibrancy and continue finding highs and lows with black and white paint.

Day 4


I keep adding blue paint in layers for the background.  I make the candleholders blue to look transparent.  I play around with the color red… adding it to the flames and to the base.

Day 5


Constant work goes in to making the candelabra base appear like metal in the way the light reflects off its surface.  I keep reworking the background and outline the candleholders in the process.

Day 6


I love the look I’m getting in this portion of my painting.  I particularly like the way the gold glitter paint looks on top of red.  

Day 7


Constant layers of paint reinforce the painted structures, looking more and more precise as time goes on.

Day 8


The base is looking more golden with the use of yellow ochre paint.

Day 9


Trying to get the candleholders and candles worked out.

Day 10


Candles are starting to appear finished. I made the background more interesting by making it lighter on the left side to pop against the dark regions of the candelabra base.

Day 11


The center of the base has been difficult for me.  I tried the solution of painting in two golden spheres to hold all the legs together.

Day 12 – The Finished Product


W inter Candelabra


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